Asia Summit on Global Health Session Playback: Advancement and Innovation in Eye and Vision Research

19 May, 2023 (Friday)

Over two billion people worldwide suffer from vision impairment, with nearly half of these cases being preventable or unaddressed. This staggering statistic highlights the urgent need for greater awareness and action to address this global health issue.

What is the global R&D community’s endeavour to generate innovative technologies and unique solutions to preserve healthy vision – most critically in the ageing global population? While Hong Kong has the vision to become an international innovation powerhouse, how elite researchers are harnessing its research expertise and entrepreneurial ecosystem to drive the latest eye and vision advancements?

In this session, we are looking into the recent ground-breaking research as a result of international cooperation and intellectual exchange. Specifically, we will be discussing two critical areas of research focus: finding effective methods to slow, prevent or reverse myopia, which is particularly noticeable in Asian populations and estimated to impact more than half of the global population by 2050; and age-related retinal degenerative disease, which typically develops gradual vision loss around age 50 and becomes progressively worse over time.

Part I: Myopia – From Research, Innovation to Therapeutics Delivery

Part II: Retinal Degenerative Disease – From Early Detection to Treatment

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