InnoHK Summit 2023: Safeguarding Vision – Empowering a Bright Future through Eye Disease Prevention

29 DEC, 2023 (FRI)

We are thrilled to have participated in the esteemed 2023 InnoHK Summit on 6 Dec. Our visionary leaders, Professor Ben Thompson (CEO and Scientific Director) and Professor Chi-ho To (COO and Deputy Scientific Director), delivered an enlightening presentation on our groundbreaking research device, the “Quantum Imaging Diagnostic Tool for Early Detection of Macular Degeneration”.

If you missed our presentation, now is the perfect time to catch up! Watch the playback and join us as we explore the forefront of innovation, uncovering the transformative potential of our cutting-edge technology. Witness how our revolutionary research is set to revolutionize early macular degeneration detection, paving the way for enhanced vision care.

Click here to watch the video and discover how our innovative eye vision technology is making a difference for patients with early macular degeneration.