PostDoc / RA for “Novel retinal polarization imaging techniques for detecting biomarkers associated with aging” study

RP5.4  Vacancy (download this job adv)

Job post: Postdoctoral Fellow (CEVR-R132) / Research Associate(CEVR-R133)  / Research Assistant (CEVR-R134) [Appointment period: contract of 12 months to max 36 months]
Organisation background: Centre for Eye and Vision Research (CEVR)  is a research collaboration between The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the University of Waterloo in Canada under the InnoHK initiative of the HKSAR Government. It is located at the Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, Hong Kong. It is the first global hub performing ground-breaking research in five key areas – myopia and eye growth, ocular drug discovery and delivery, vision enhancement, tear film and ocular surface and advanced optometric technology. The mission of CEVR is to generate technologies to prevent vision loss in the aging population and preserve healthy vision.
Required skills and job duty:

The appointees will assist the project leaders in the multi-disciplinary research project – “Novel retinal polarization imaging techniques for detecting biomarkers associated with aging” which focusses on integrating quantum technologies into vision science for the purposes of developing novel methods of detecting and diagnosing retinal diseases. The group aims to use quantum information science techniques to build a programmable structured light microscope for clinical studies of the human eye. This project is a partnership between CEVR and the Institute of Quantum Computing (ICQ) at UWaterloo, and it brings together quantum scientists and engineers with vision scientists and eye health care providers. Responsibilities/Duties include:

-Be an active participant in the collaboration between CEVR, the IQC, and the UW School of Optometry and Vision Science, periodically travelling between the institutes

-Develop and optimize the optical setup for directing novel forms of light onto the retina and optimize the imaging setup for collecting the reflected light

-Collaborate and contribute to every aspect of the project: design and theory, experimental implementation and prototyping, optimization of the setup for clinical applications, the execution of developing clinical trials, analysis of results, and future directions.

-Use and test devices that characterize human eyes

-Miniaturize and optimize the setups for clinical use as well as commercial applications


Applicants for the Postdoctoral Fellow posts should have a doctoral degree or an equivalent qualification.  Also, the applicant should possess hands-on experience in either Optics, Photonics, Advanced Optical Imaging, Polarization Imaging, or Diseases in the Retina of the Eye, or other related STEM disciplines.

Applicants for the Research Associate posts should have a master’s degree or an equivalent qualification in one of the said disciplines.

Applicants for the Research Assistant posts should have an honours degree or an equivalent qualification in one of the said disciplines.

The appointees shall be working in Hong Kong. Overseas graduate is welcome to apply, the qualification awarding institution should be the top 100 institutions for STEM-related subjects in QS/Shanghai Jiao Tong Uni/Times Higher Education world university rankings. (details here)

For all posts, preference will be given to those with experience in one or more of the following areas:

(a)        building and testing instrument prototypes in Biomedical Optics and Photonics;

(b)        imaging the eye with novel optical technologies;

(c)        neuroscience and in particular in using the retina as an optical window onto the brain;

(d)        imaging in polarized light of other applications of polarimetric imaging.


Applicants may contact Dr. Dmitry Pushin ( or Dr. Dusan Sarenac ( of the University of Waterloo for enquiry.


Monthly salary: Research Assistant (HKD20000); Research Associate (HKD 23000); Postdoctoral Fellow (HKD35000 + living allowance HKD 10000). Applicants are invited to send the application form (download here) with CV to the email