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研究內容: 離焦控制近視中相對周邊屈光度數的影響

離焦鏡片是一種公認有效的控制近視方法。相對週邊屈光 (RPR)指的是視網膜週邊度數和中心度數之間的差異。兒童佩戴離焦鏡片時的近視控制效果,可能受到的自身RPR的影響。

• 5-9歲


To investigate whether vision can be modulated with non-invasive brain stimulation


Individuals with good vision (with or without glasses) aged 18-45 (inclusive).

* for safety reasons, you may not be suitable if you have implanted devices

General information:

We are recruiting for two studies that are investigating the efficacy of non-invasive brain stimulation on visual perception. Please sign up via the link ( if you are interested in participating.

The project aims to investigate whether visual functions in adult amblyopic (i.e., lazy eye) patients may improve through optical correction – i.e., wearing appropriate corrective spectacle lenses.

Interested parties may complete the online registration form via or by scanning the QR code below.


Recent epidemiological studies have shown that dry eye disease (DED) is 2x more common in Asian eyes and the severity is considerably greater, but the reasons for this are unknown. The project aims to better understand the management of DED in Asian patients and improved diagnosis and treatment for DED in Asian patients and development of methods to analyse tear film samples for common diseases such as glaucoma and diabetes. 


Interested parties may complete the online registration form via or by scanning the QR code below.

Investigate how the human eye interacts with structured light exhibiting unique polarization profiles

Why participate?
– Goal is to develop new tools for early detection of certain eye diseases
– You will receive HKD100 per session

– Adults aged 40 or above with normal vision
– Able to attend study at Science Park: 6 sessions each 1 hour long (depending on availability)

For registration, please contact the research team at WhatsApp or call at +852 9538 7103.